Our Team



Keith was adopted by Robert in 2008 when he was 2 years old. He was a rescue from a PMU facility (Pregnant Mares Urine) in Alberta. Mares are bred and their urine is collected and sold to use as a hormone replacement therapy for woman. They continuously keep the mares pregnant and a lot of the foals are sent to slaughter. 
Keith is a curious caring soul that will quickly win your heart and trust. He trusts without reserve and has been a special horse since day one. We are very blessed to have him as part of our family!



Behati was dropped of at the kill buyers with her 4 month old filly, and thanks to an amazing horse rescue that has an agreement with this buyer, her and her baby were purchased and we were able to adopt her in September 2020. 
Behati's name means: "She who brings happiness and joy." And she has done nothing but that since she came into our family! She is the first to run to the fence and is an extremely fast learner. Not knowing much about her past we have been working hard to earn her trust and to help her learn that she is safe and loved. She is gentle, kind and we continue to see changes in her as she allows us to become part of her life.


Tasha DeVore

Tasha has been horse crazy since childhood, despite not having one. At the age of 16 her parents offered to help her buy a car or a horse.....it was an easy decision! From a young age she had a big dream of helping people with horses, but never really knew what that would look like. She found herself pursuing helping professions, from being a care aid to working at a drug and alcohol treatment center. The dream of working with horses got buried by a life that was difficult and messy. This life lead her to finally look for help and change. Her faith, a good counselor and a small circle of close friends created the perfect environment for growth and big changes. Following her counselors advice, she began to pursue her passion again. This lead to her hiring a horse trainer to work with her and her rather crazy Arabian horse. She is now blessed to be married to her trainer and they are pursuing their dream together. Now a certified life coach and equine assisted personal development coach, Tasha is excited to provide a space for people to feel, heal and pursue their dreams. (with or with out the use of horses) Tasha believes that we are programmed for connection and that we all need a safe place to be seen and heard. She is honored and blessed to now be able to provide that for others.


Robert DeVore

Robert is a Missouri farm boy that was sent to live at his grandparents cattle farm after his mom died when he was 12 years old. His passion for horses was not truly discovered until he had moved to Canada and met a rescue horse that changed his life. Tye was an Arabian that quickly became Robert's teacher and began to teach him things he needed to change in himself. This relationship opened his eyes to see the magic and healing that happens between human and horse. Robert pursued natural horsemanship training, and met a very special friend that taught him how to communicate and understand a horses language. Robert has helped many horses and their owners work through issues, build connection, trust and proper communication. He believes that the relationship between horse and human needs to be one of partnership and trust.